About the Author

Cleveland O. McLeish is a full time son of God who writes for the kingdom of God. He makes himself available, along with his beautiful wife, to advance the kingdom of God one book, movie script, stageplay and soul at a time.

Cleveland grew up in a traditional pentecostal church, but was never appeased with the structure, protocol and traditions that seemingly put a yoke on peoples shoulders, and did very little in demonstrating the power, resilience and mystical lifestyles of those who wrote the bible from experiences that defy the natural order of things. His desire unequivocally led him to meet personally those who have been moving in the heavens for many years.

Finally, the mysteries of the Bible begins to unfold from a mystical point of view that has brought clarity and purpose. Cleveland desires to use every possible medium to demonstrate what God has been saying to humanity throughout the centuries.

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